VISIO PRO is the set of Must-Have optics a creator may need to deliver professional cinematic quality photo and video. It includes Wide x0.6 Lens, Telephoto x2 Portrait Lens, and Macro x10 lens. All lenses designed, manufactured, and coated to process professional grade low distortion and high definition shots. The optical lenses are polished with high precision and outer elements are polarized for anti-glare effect.


VISIO PRO is the set of Must-Have optics a creator may need to deliver professional cinematic quality photo and video. All lenses designed and manufactured to process professional grade low distortion and high definition shots.

Once you start using the lenses with just a smartphone camera it makes you able to shoot far better images due to extended number of the frame size, view angles, focus depth, and visual effects thereof.

Visio lenses have professional optical design and compounded with a number of optical elements. Optical lenses manufactured with high precision and covered with multi-layer anti-reflection coating. It is designed to let you capture frames with the different angles by choosing the suitable focal length and show the taken picture from the best view point to see certainly what you desired to shoot.

All lenses 100% compatible with Evolution Rig, but also can be used with any threaded connector with 17mm size. Standard set features the clip to mount the lens directly to any smartphone camera. But for the best shots you need to be sure the lens is aligned precisely with the camera center-to-center every time you take a picture. So the clip is not a reliable solution because it is hard to fix at the same position for long. That is why we recommend to use Evolution Rig or (the worst case scenario) – a phone case with 17mm thread. Such a case you can find available for some most popular smartphone models.

Wide Lens

Wide lens brings more objects to the frame be extending the view angle by 40% wider. That is why it is called “wide”. Thus the objects with the lens look far in the frame and it leads to a few consequences.

First – the lens provides cinematic perspective by enlarges the visual space. So it is good for panoramic shots with infinity focus, like landscapes.

Second – the close shots will include more objects due to wider perspective, so you can have the camera closer while object will be visually far. For some shots it helps a lot like in small rooms, corridors, etc.

Third – is the motion acceleration effect. As the actual distance is shorter rather than the visual distance with the lens, any moving object will look to be moving faster crossing the same distance on the video rather than in real. You can leverage it for some dynamic scenes.

Telephoto Portrait Lens

Alike the previous one this lens brings objects closer and works like a magnifying glass. Such type of lenses called Telephoto. And the one in the set has magnifying ration 2, which means the object with the lens will look twice closer than it is. This very ratio is the best for taking portrait images. Here are a few basics to keep in mind while you use the lens.

First – the view angle of the lens is narrow as compared with wide lens and even with no lens at all. Thus you have twice less light going through the lens. For smartphone application even with auto settings it helps to deliver more juice colours. But for some shots it may need to use external lights for the best results.

Second – magnification presumes infinity focus is no longer available. And that is why you will have the blurred background behind the face or the object in focus. And it is what makes a good portrait or close-up even better.

Third – you can use the selective focus for video as well. For instance you can bring an object from the blurred zone at the back to the zone of sharpness. All these small tricks make the video content look professional and attractive.

Macro 10x

The third lens in the set has the magnification ratio 10 and shows the things 10 times bigger from their original size. So this type of lenses called Macro because of what it shows. Macro lens reveals material structures, surface textures, enlarges small and micro objects both for documentary and cinematic shoots. With the lens you can show the world as it looks from ant’s point of view with all the details hidden from human eyes.

Due to the extreme magnification and the high definition requirements the lens has some specific restrictions. It comes with the transparent hood to ensure smooth surrounding lightening. Besides it has fixed focus distance where the filming object must be situated not far than 1 inch (or around 2,5cm). Everything out of the distance will be out of focus. But within the distance the lens will help you to shoot each and every detail like a scratch on the coin, a fiber of the cloth, structure of a leaf or an ant at almost a mouse size.

SAMPLE PICTURES (Direct Output | No Edit)

Telephoto Portrait Lens


Wide Lens


Macro 10x Lens



In the retail BOX of VISIO PRO set you will find:

1 Wide Angle VISIO Lens* with back and front protective covers;
1 Telephoto Portrait VISIO Lens* with back and front protective covers;
1 Macro VISIO Lens* with protective covers and polymer light diffusing hood;
3 Original double layer microfiber Protective Transportation Pouches – one for each lens;
1 Original lens cleaning Microfiber Cloth with pouch and spring hook;
1 lens cleaning foldable brush;
1 Original aluminum Hood 52mm**;
1 lens connection clip;
1 Original Zipper Pouch Transportation Case.

*please refer to Specification tab
**to connect filters while using VISIO Wide Lens


Wide Angle Lens
Focal Length : 16mm Lens Coatings: Multi-layer
Magnification Ratio: 0.6x
Lens Coating: Multi-layer
Optical Construction: 5 elements
TV Distortion: <1%
Body material: anodized aluminum
Connection Thread: ø17mm

Telephoto Portrait Lens
Focal Length: 65mm
Magnification Ratio: 1×2
Lens Coating: Multi-layer
Lens Construction: 5 elements
TV Distortion: <1%
Body material: anodized aluminum
Connection Thread: ø17mm

Focal Length: 25mm
Shooting Distance: <3cm
Magnification ratio: 1×10
TV Distortion: <1%
Body material: anodized aluminum
Accessories: Detachable Matte Polymer Hood


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    As a digital marketer promoting small businesses at I recommend the Dreamgrip Visio Pro lenses to go with their Evolution Mojo rig. The build quality is good and they screw in easily to the optic adapter so that you can switch quickly between a wide shot, a telephoto shot and even a close up shot. They also come with lens cases, carry pouches, a cleaning cloth and a brush so you should have a long-lasting product to help you create better smartphone videos.

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    An excellent product at a fair price. Thank you. Louis Cesar.

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