DREAMGRIP™ EVOLUTION PRO is the basic KIT, which includes Universal Transformable Evolution Rig and a few accessories to enable a Creator to shoot high quality video content with just a smartphone. The rig system is compatible with any modern smartphone and besides can carry the most of professional photo/video accessories and extensions to leverage the quality of your photo/video production. Evolution PRO set includes Evolution Rig, two optical filters 52mm (CPL and ND2), hood, blinder, and shoulder strap in the retail gift box.


DREAMGRIP™ EVOLUTION PRO is the basic KIT with Evolution Rig and a set of accessories. Evolution Rig has been designed to assist creators in shooting the professional quality photo and video content with just a smartphone. The rig itself is truly universal and can accommodate unlimited number of photo/video accessories and extensions, which you will leverage to create your best photo and video shots. Evolution Rig is compatible with any smartphone, compact DSLR, compact VCR or action cameras, can carry lenses, external lights and microphones, power banks, or monitors. The rig can be handheld, mounted on tripods or attached to other supports with standard cold shoe or ¼” threaded connectors.

DREAMGRIP™ EVOLUTION PRO consists of several detachable accessories. Two patented Tracks on the top and bottom are tightened by ¼” Bolts to two moulded hand grips to form together a durable frame. The Grips provide a steady and confident hold thanks to double injected specially designed composite material. Each grip has also a tilted platform on top with a standard cold shoe mount to accommodate external lights with maximum distance one from the other for better lightening of the shooting object and to reduce shadowing. Both cold shoes and Tracks are made of lightweight high grade aviation aluminum.

The Rig System also features a universal Clamp holder to fix a smartphone securely. Once a smartphone is inserted you only need to align it with universal Optics Adapter. The adapter can is movable inside the frame and to be fixed after aligning to a particular phone camera position. Then the Lens Cup position should be adjusted by sliding up or down on metal bars. When phone camera is in the very center of Lens Cup eye – tighten it with two 1/8” screws. Both screws and bars are made of the best quality stainless steel.

The Lens Cup is aluminum alloy casted and has standard threads for optics of 37mm and 52mm. You may use any hoods, filters or lenses of the said diameter as well as connect other diameters with adaptors (not included). Although Optics Adapter system features original aluminum 37-17mm adapter to accommodate any of DREAMGRIP VISIO lenses or other brands smartphone lens with 17mm connection thread.

Once Optics Adapter is fixed and phone camera aligned to its center – move special Pushing Bar at the back side of adapter to securely lock the phone. For more details and instructions for installation you can download User Manual or brows it here.

Either Bolts or Cold Shoe type locks will conveniently and securely fix the any required accessories and extensions at a chosen position along top and bottom tracks. Each track can carry all kinds of professional equipment you may need, including monitors, extra cameras, lights, displays, microphones, power banks, etc. The lower Track can also be fixed on a Tripod, Dolly or any other camera support gears.

Evolution Pro KIT also features two optical filters, hood, blinder, and shoulder strap in the retail gift box.

Universal Optics Adapter features 52mm and 37mm threads, and also 37-17mm step down adapter. Any of two filters from the KIT could be screwed in 52mm standard thread of the Lens Cup.

CPL filter will help you to control the reflections on the water, glass, and other surfaces as well as contrast during sunny day and a few other effects. The second included filter is ND2, and it is useful while shooting with manual setting camera mode to cut the light penetration by half.

Any of the two filters can be also screwed on the 52mm Hood. The hood is useful to protect camera from side lights to prevent undesired reflections. To prevent reflections from back lights use Blinder (for smartphones with corner camera location, like Apple, Huawei and others.)

For more details please refer to User Manual, check F.A.Q. and video, or ask us directly to support @ dreamgrip.com


2.Adjustable strap
3.Moulded strap stoppers (3 types)
4.CPL filter 52mm CPL w/pp protection bag
5.ND2 filter 52mm ND2 w/pp protection bag
6.Black paper folded Filter Box
7.37-52 anodized aluminum vent hood
8.Black paper folded Hood flip Box
9.Double coated light absorbing View Blinder
10.Blinder 1/8″ standard stainless steel Bolt
11.Blinder 1/8″ stainless steel Bolt w/silicon gasket
12.Spare (8th) 1/4″ Original Bolt
13.1/4″ Double Bolt w/two silicon gaskets
14.Universal Retail Gift box w/EURO Hook
15.Super cover (with local languages)


– Packaging – DREAMGRIP gift box

– Super cover with local language

Packaging size – 37*18,5*4,5 cm

– NET weight 420 gr

– GROSS weight 840 gr

– Material – high grade light aluminum

  • Filters:
  1. The CPL 52mm filter has two polarized glasses, can rotate the outer one by turning it clockwise or anticlockwise to adjust the visual effect.
  2. The ND2 52mm filter has only one layer and is not rotatable.


  1. (verified owner)

    The Evolution Pro package is simply the best photography/video addition to your smartphone you can buy. The sturdiness of the unit is second to none and the expansion possibilities are almost endless. The engineering of every item is top class, and the design of the unit is functional, adaptive and stylish. The 3-way sizing of the lens adaptor suits most major lens/filter add-ons and the Visio Pro lenses which I also purchased from Dreamgrip really take your smartphone to the next level. I am going to buy another Dreamgrip Evolution Pro pack for a second smartphone/camera soon and I would strongly recommend the Dreamgrip Pro Evolution Pro pack and the Visio Pro lens to anyone who wants to turn their smartphone into a DSLR camera! Well done Dreamgrip, cheers John Gibson

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