Which smartphones can I use with the DreamGrip™ system?

You can use almost any smartphone, that has at least one camera; 15mm thick or slimmer; less than 105mm wide, and 170mm high. So far we have not faced any compatibility problems with any well-known models. Do not hesitate to send a direct message to [email protected] if you have a specific question regarding your smartphone model!

How do I connect the DreamGrip™ Bluetooth Remote control?

To connect the DreamGrip™ Bluetooth controller, You switch on Bluetooth controller, and set it to pairing mode. Then open Bluetooth settings on your phone and choose DG Control to make the pair. To learn more on how to use it we will provide you with a detailed manual. We’re happy to answer any questions you have.

Which lenses can I use with your system?

You can use any lens with the thread of either 17mm or 37 mm. These two sizes are kind of the new standard for mobile phone lens suppliers, so you can choose any.
Meanwhile we have chosen a selection of recommended lenses that we have made our tunings to. After almost a year of testing different optics we think our lenses now have the best P/Q ratio. Although please mind the fact that there still is no lens yet suitable for everyone and everything. We will share more information about optics in the Academy, coming soon.

Which filters can I use with your the DreamGrip™ system?

You can use either 37mm or 52mm filters, or any other filters, that can be screwed on top of your lens. You also can use other filter sizes with 37mm or 52mm hoods that have special threading.

Is the system compatible with newer devices such as iPhone 7 or dual camera phone?

We have been developing a truly universal system, so the compatibility with new models is important. We can’t be 100% sure smartphones would not ever turn to have a crossed or rounded shape. But for now we believe new models will fit DreamGrip™ and deliver you the amazing filming experience as long as they fit in the size limits mentioned above.

What is DreamGrip™?

DreamGrip™ is a new filming system for any smartphone. It is a rig that helps you to connect and align your phone conveniently with photo and video filming equipment. You may use different optics, lights, microphones, mount on a dolly, monopods, tripods, and many other support systems – all is connectable to DreamGrip™. All the parts of the system are replaceable, so you will be able to assemble your custom version based on all the filming needs you have.

What is the purpose of DreamGrip™?

DreamGrip™ is designed to help you to use a number of existing photo and video accessories to create better content with your smartphone.

How much does DreamGrip™ cost?

We did our best to design DreamGrip™ in the most cost efficient way. Finally we managed the suggested retail price for the DreamGrip Evolution™ to be set at $129 with Bluetooth the remote control, CPL filter and branded strap.

Where can I buy DreamGrip™?

The first final product will be delivered to backers of the project, and later the DreamGrip™ will be available on our e-store with a number of accessories for it. We are also finalizing our distributers and retailers around the world in December 2016/January 2017.

What do we get when we order?

You will have the DreamGrip™ system with a number of accessories according to your choice.

How does the Bluetooth™ Remote send the control commands to the device?

Via radio signal on a given frequency using Bluetooth™ protocol. Your smartphone software will recognize the command and transmit it to your phone to perform.

Could you include your technology in smart phones in the future?

You may need different accessories to have the best shot in different conditions. So we think you still benefit from using DreamGrip™ and the accessories with your smartphone, and your future new smartphones for quite a while.

How do I charge DreamGrip Bluetooth™ Remote? What is the battery life time?

We are considering two options currently: battery or rechargeable accumulator to power the remote control. Battery is a better choice we think, and we expect it’s lifetime for about a year. We will inform you once the choice is confirmed.

What’s the controlling distance?

It is standard 10 meters like for most of Bluetooth devices. But the best clear signal you have within 3-5 meters.

Will there be updates to the Bluetooth Remote in the future?

We can’t be sure now, but we will update the software as time goes by.

When does shipping begin?

We are scheduling the first shipments mid February 2017. We are working hard to start mass production as soon as possible, but it does take time, and want to ensure you are given the absolute best product.

Where does it ship? How much is shipping?

The shipping costs by national post are included for Canada, China, Hong Kong, and US. You may need (maybe not) to pay extra if you have other delivery instructions, but no more, than actual delivery costs are.
We will always be looking at more solutions, so please check in with this as we are constantly trying to offer the best or free shipping to all our supporters.

Do I have to pay VAT / GST?

It depends on your country tax legislation. We will provide the original receipt with the actual price and declare the value to delivery companies.

What happens if my DreamGrip™ breaks or stops working?

Well, the construction is quite durable. Although you still need to take care of it, save it from dropping or accidentally sitting on it. In the case of a problem during common use, please, contact our support by mail. We will consider the case and ship you the spare part for replacement for free during the warranty period if the problem had not been caused by a damage. After the warranty period you can buy parts in the e-store or from resellers.

How can I check the status of my pledges?

You can check in by any of our emails on site or throughout the campaign details.

Who should I contact if I’m interested in a distribution partnership on in purchasing in bulk?

Please contact us directly at [email protected].

If I have other questions, who should I contact?

We are here to answer any of your questions! Don’t hesitate to contact us directly at [email protected].

Who should I contact if I’m a journalist?

Don’t hesitate to contact us directly at [email protected].