DREAMGRIP™ is the smart filming system created for any smartphone. First of all the system features Evolution Rig to help you to connect and align your phone conveniently with a number of useful filming accessories. You can now use different optics, lights, microphones, mount rig on a dolly, monopods, tripods, and many other supporting gears.

But DREAMGRIP™ has also many extensions connectable to the Rig. These extensions designed to satisfy the best all needs of mobile phone content creator. It works for smartphone movie production, mobile journalism, live streaming, vlogging, and other purposes. And any extra set of extensions you choose – all DREAMGRIP™ products will be connectable one to the other, and yet all the parts of the system are interchangeable. That is why you will be able to assemble your custom setups based on all the filming needs you currently have. For more information please check our products at online webstore.

What smartphone models can I use with the DREAMGRIP™ system?

You can use almost any smartphone, which has at least one camera; 15mm thick or slimmer; less than 105mm wide, and 170mm high. So far we have not faced any compatibility problems with any well-known brands and models. Do not hesitate to send a direct message to hello@dreamgrip.com if you have a specific question regarding DREAMGRIP compatibility with your smartphone model! Although it is 99,9% should fit with no problem.

Is the system compatible with newer devices such as iPhone X?

We are proud to have a truly universal system, so the compatibility with new models is important. We believe even other new phone models will fit DREAMGRIP™ products and deliver you the amazing filming experience as long as the devices fit in the size limits mentioned above.

Does Optics Adapter on the Rig work with dual camera system?

Yes, of course. But the fact is nowadays dual camera systems either from Apple or other brands can use only one camera for each particular shot. Thus to use the other than lens optics like a filter – you need to unscrew the 17-37mm adapter from the Lens Cup to have precisely 37mm long space for both cameras to be functional with no further adjustments if you switch between them.

To use a lens you need to screw it in the Adapter and align with the very center of chosen phone camera. For the other details please refer to User Manual of the particular product.

What lenses can I use with DREAMGRIP™ Evolution Rig?

We recommend to use original VISIO lenses from DREAMGRIP™ due to better compatibility and the best P/Q ratio available at the market so far. The detailed product description, specifications, and images for comparison you can see in the product page at our webstore.

Although you can also use any other lenses with the thread diameter either 17mm or 37 mm. These two sizes are essential for mobile phone lens suppliers, so you can choose what you like.
But please mind that to have clear and undistorted images you need to check lens specifications with your vendor of choice. Draw your attention to the number of optical elements (it can’t be less than 3-4, better 5 for good quality image), resolution, and distortion ratio. And insure the lenses are covered with anti-glare layers.

While choosing a lens please mind the fact that there is no lens yet suitable for everyone and everything. It means the one and perfect lens simply does not exist. Good optical products always have pros and contras and designed to suit the best for a particular type of shots. That is why normally to be able to shoot in different styles you need different optics. And VISIO PRO 3-in-1 set has all Must Have lens types.

What filters can I use with DREAMGRIP™ system?

We have 2 filters included in every Evolution Rig set. They are one ND and one CPL both 52mm thread. You can use also any other filter either 37mm or 52mm diameter, or any other size with an adapter to 52 or 37mm. Please mind you can use a hood as the mount or an adapter for filters as well.

What filters are included into DREAMGRIP™ system?

We have 2 filters included in every Evolution Rig set. The CPL 52mm filter has two polarized glasses and you can rotate the outer one by turning it clockwise or anticlockwise to adjust the visual effect.  And the same time the ND2 52mm filter has only one layer and is not rotatable.

How to use the 2 small bolt screws with a rubber washer included into DREAMGRIP™ Rigs?

The two small bolts are for fixing the blinder and the washer technically just makes the thread shorter. That is why only one small bolt has the rubber washer for this purpose. To see how to use it please refer to the related chapter in the Manual (in every box set). A picture in it shows one bolt with the washer, and one without.

What is the material DREAMGRIP™ system made of?

The whole System of Evolution Rig set is totally made of high grade light aluminum.

Where can I buy DREAMGRIP™ products?

All of the existed DREAMGRIP™ products are available at our online store with delivery almost anywhere around the globe. We are also working on building up a worldwide distribution network to bring our products to every country. Please kindly follow the Where to Buy page to find the DREAMGRIP available in your country’s stores 🙂 http://dreamgrip.com/stockists/

If you consider to be a partner for the distribution – just contact us.

If you are interested as a customer – please check our latest news to discover availability of the product in your country or delivery conditions for orders from webstore at dreamgrip.com

Do I have to pay VAT/GST or import taxes if goods from webstore will be delivered to my country?

It depends on your country tax legislation. We will provide the original Invoice with the actual price and declare the value to delivery companies for full insurance coverage. But we will also follow your instructions if any regarding additional marks and information in the documents. For instance, in EU countries commercial samples are free from VAT and taxes, we mark the goods so if you tell us you buy them for this purpose 😉

What happens if my DREAMGRIP™ product breaks or stops working?

Well, the construction is quite durable. Although you still need to take care of it, save it from dropping or accidentally sitting on it. If there is a problem during common use, please, contact our support by mail. We will consider the case and ship you the spare part for replacement for free during the warranty period if the problem had not been caused by a damage. After the warranty period you can also order spare parts if mail to our support or from resellers/distributors.

Who should I contact if I’m interested in a distribution partnership on in purchasing in bulk?

Please contact us directly at hello@dreamgrip.com.

If I have other questions, who should I contact?

We are here to answer any of your questions! Don’t hesitate to contact us directly at hello@dreamgrip.com

Who should I contact if I’m a journalist or have other than channel distribution interest?

Please mail to the same address hello@dreamgrip.com and tell us the nature your interest. We will reply you A.S.A.P.

Let us know if you have any question



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Hello, it seems that the mic is not fully functional. I don’t see a difference between with/without the mic while shooting. Am I doing something wrong?

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