DREAMGRIP™ is the brand for SMART filming solutions.

And SMART means for us:
– Getting the best with fewer efforts and less costs
– Merging new technologies with reliable mechanics
– Choosing relevant materials to deliver the proper functionality

And that is why DREAMGRIP products are:
– Sets of modular elements with unlimited number of adjustable setups to support different cameras and shooting technics
– Intuitively comprehensive and simple in use to serve the same a beginner and mature operator
– Compatible with almost all smartphones, compact cameras, and even top DSLR

These SMART filming solutions are supplied by DREAMGRIP™ for filming a professional level visual content. While merging them with the technology, that everyone has today with smartphones. DREAMGRIP™ products are designed to empower content creator enthusiasts as well as mature operators with simple and accessible but yet fully functional and adjustable gears. With DREAMGRIP™ ANYONE can film like a PRO, be a Vlogger, Journalist, create a number of your own original Shows; broadcast via social media or your own channel from home studio, from your car, or just on the go; and can even produce a movie.

We do everything for Phoneography. But we develop truly smart solutions, which are not just designed for smartphones only but can be used with many other devices as well including Action or DLSR cameras. We make our products universally compatible to increase its value without increasing the price.

The demand for digital content is growing rapidly. It is the way we communicate today and we are both the consumers and creators of the content. The skills of making the quality visual content already are essential for socializing. The skills come just the next after ability to read and to wright. DREAMGRIP will support you whether you take your fist steps in the field, or master your skills, or even teach others with the visual art techniques.

Our Mission

Empower for better visual content production with fewer costs.

Our Goal

To develop, produce, and supply smart multi-functional open ecosphere of interconnected hardware and software elements for lower budget creative video content production.

Our Vision

We see how technologies are changing the world, destroying backward barriers, opening new forms of identity expression and social interaction.

We feel more and more people are sharing their visuals with unlimited audience on Internet and consider this as the primary form of communication with the world.

We think the skills of photo and video content production are essential for successful communications in both personal and business spheres and basics knowledge of it will soon be taught in secondary schools.

We believe visual arts like photo and video will attract more and more creators, artists, and followers around the world until the very last human being is involved.

We dream the world is free so that anyone can express himself in any form, at any time and share it with everyone who has an interest to perceive.

We support anyone in the creation and sharing of visual content.

So we made The DREAMGRIP™.

Featuring DREAMGRIP EcoSystem: Universal. Modular. Open.

The Universal Compatibility

Each product or a set of products designed to accommodate and fit one or several Smartphones, Tablets, Action cameras, Compact VCR, DSLR, and even more. Creating a product we are focusing first on compatibility with the wide range of smartphone shapes and models. But after the relevant engineering solution successfully found we adjust the materials, shapes, and proportions to enable its application with other gadgets and cameras within the weight and size limits.

Besides ability to use with almost any existed or yet to be designed smartphone DREAMGRIP delivers to a creator valuable sets of products, which not only help to master many different shooting skills and technics with plurality of cameras but yet will serve a long time after becoming a tool of mature operator due to compatibility with the infinity of other professional grade accessories.

The Modular Structure.

Pioneering and developing the modular construction principle we have created the most advanced but yet simple unique System of interconnectable elements for photo/video production.  Such a solution allows a Creator to choose only those parts of the system, which are necessary to assist an operator in particular shooting technics and camera positions. And even better is that you will be able to upgrade your System with extra Modules or even with the whole new Sets anytime you need them while been assured each new element will fit the System and will be connectable to the other modules, elements, or ports.

Due to the plurality of connectivity options and the choice of Modules, the System delivers an unprecedented possibility to build up an endless number of truly unique custom setups, which you will leverage for taking the most creative DREAM SHOTS from any camera position and any shooting angles you imagination yet to come up with.

The Open System

Each DREAMGRIP product, module, and their parts come equipped with a number of connection means. These are the screws with 1/4” thread, brackets with cold shoe fitting size, and others matching precisely common photo/video industry standard sizing. And thus, Creator’s ability to construct new custom setups is not limited even by the impressive number of original DREAMGRIP accessories supply. By using the standard industry connections, you can integrate the System elements or parts with the whole range of photo/video accessories from many other brands and suppliers.

It means that DREAMGRIP neither is going to replace what you already have in your photo bag or even the old stuff at your attic nor is likely itself to be replaced as useless junk after a couple of years. The System still would be able to carry new extra cameras, external lightening sources, microphones, and other extensions that yet to be developed will keep extending the grips and providing you with connections for mounting new setups almost anywhere with whatever you may need to be fixed on it.

Featuring DREAMGRIP EcoSystem: Modules, Products, and Kits

To share the benefits of The Open Eco-system with Creators DREAMGRIP offers the full range of products for smart photo/video production. A number of key products like Rigs or Optics are available in Boxed Kits with some useful accessories included. These add-ons are selected by DREAMGRIP following what-you-may-need or make-it-easy logic. Such Kits mainly will include extra valuable extensions and connection means of multi-purpose use. Some products may come in Series with a number of Kits to choose of, like Evolution Rig for instance. But some products can be available only in one Box Kit.

Some System Modules and a number of accessories are also available to let Creators upgrade their gears with extra equipment when needed. Mainly, these Modules will come as is, or as a part of an Upgrade Kit with a number of connectors included. And some smaller accessories are available in sets of several items or sometimes along.

DREAMGRIP Products nowadays the best can be presented in several groups. These groups are – Rigs, Optics, Supports, Sound, Connectors, and Accessories. However, some products could be united in Kits to let Creators save costs and enjoy the better value for money.