DREAMGRIP™ is a universal smartphone filming system designed to connect conveniently to ANY smartphone. Users can add additional equipment including lenses, lights, microphones, and others to support professional level video and photo content. The DREAMGRIP™ system also features a Bluetooth connected wireless controller and IOS/Android application giving users the ability to control content without ever touching the screen of their phone. ANYONE can film self-reporting programs, social media, classic reporting shows with operator, live broadcasting, television and feature films.

DREAMGRIP™ is an evolution in content creation because it provides the components necessary for professional film making while merging them with the technology, that everyone has today with smartphones. DREAMGRIP™ is FULLY capable to be used with a DSLR or Action Cameras but is designed for the best use with Smartphones.

Add any smartphone to your DREAMGRIP™, adjust your lens, filter, turn on the lights, connect a microphone, and Action! This is not a filmmaking or photography as we knew them before, – this is the Phoneography now!

Our Vision

To become the world leader who defines and pioneers the Phoneography community for equipment and content distribution.

Our Mission

To empower anyone to make the better filming with a smart phone.

Our Motto

We support anyone in the creation and sharing of visual content.

We see technology as world changing, and are focused to deliver more and more new capabilities, constantly breaking down barriers.

We feel more and more people respond to the call and challenge the world to create and share their visions. From a still moment of life to an infinity of it’s circles, we see beyond…

We think the skills of taking photo and video are essential in the contemporary world, and will soon be taught as basics in secondary schools, rather than in a Film Academy.

We believe visual arts as photo and video will have more and more creators, artists, and followers around the world, until the very last humans are involved. A truly endless process.

We dream the world is free so, that anyone can express themselves in any way, at any time, through any channel. All through the power of content.

So we made The DREAMGRIP™.