Do you know these days of World Football Championship it is not the only event that worth to be spotted in Russia?! Well, I’m excited to let you know about the competition for the best short video that just has been launched in Russia with our international media partner and DREAMGRIP.

To me, the unique feature of is the great scale of the event media coverage and the number of potential participants to be involved. The promotion campaign is on for 30 days till July 15th all around Russia, and it is not only on the Internet on the website and social networks. It comes with the massive offline presence on posters, flyers, street banners and even video ads on big outdoor screens everywhere. We never before had the experience of supporting an event of such a scale.



It will be a three-phase contest where participants will compete for extremely valuable prizes and leverage their creativity while merging it with a bit of filming experience. At the first stage, and each contestant should film a short video of any theme to show the best of his/her creativity and ability to visualize the ideas using the basic skills of shooting and editing video content. It can be a clip, an interview, a report, a gig, or a movie even. Such a short video (max 60 seconds long) should be uploaded by the contestant and shared via an online service with the competition hashtag #choiz_dg. To my regret, many of attendants are using local Russian web services and the most of the video could not be easily found on YouTube or Facebook. Nevertheless, later we definitely will repost the best works to let them access the international audience.



After the first stage is completed the jury will choose the best 50 videos to let the crowd vote for the top 20 finalists out of them. And these 20 lucky and talented creators will receive the complete DREAMGRIP DIRECTOR ’s set of Evolution rig with the whole bunch of accessories. And with the tolls in their hands, all of the 20 finalists will attend the special DREAMGRIP MASTERS online school once a week for another month to lift their technics and practical skills of shooting to the next level. We will do our best to let their creativity flourish with the first class smartphone filming equipment and the professional guidance from industry professionals and celebrities.

After graduated the masterclass successfully each of the 20 freshly baked and well-armed Creators will shoot a Diploma short video, out of which the TOP 5 winners would be voted to snatch the Gran-Prix and prestigious job offers from a number of media institutions and production studios. But regardless all the prizes, the most valuable and important in the event from our point of view is the widely spread information about this great chance for anyone to try himself on the field, challenge himself and the others to be recognized as a new star on the horizon of the self-media industry.

We wish good luck to everyone and let the best win!

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