Well, well, well… How are you doing, my dear Phoneographers, Creators and Dreamers ?

You are reading this because our Team finally had pushed me forward to share with you at least some of the knowledge and experience we gathered while were developing and improving DREAMGRIP system for the recent years. After living a while literally in the very midst of design and creation process, testing and reconstructing different gears and accessories for phoneography, – I now indeed have much deeper and complex understanding of what the smartphone visual content production is about. And that is where I got a bunch of useful hacks to share and help you with.

We are working now on DREAMGRIP Operator Master Program curriculum to put all these things together and structure them up to form an educative course to assist everyone who is seeking for knowledge of how to shoot higher quality creative content better and easy with a smartphone. But rather than waiting for the course to be completed and posted in full, we decided from now to start sharing consistently the content of the core points in focus to establish the interaction with you already at this stage. We appreciate having your feedback, comments, and tips to help others who need either an advice or just a gentle kick to make their first step on the fields of mobile journalism, shooting commercials, filming a movie, music clip, or starting your corporate video production.

Well, since now, every Sunday you may expect a short article posted here with a few tips regarding how to film the best shots with your mobile phone, and what you may need to elevate your skills of filming with a smartphone to the next level and above.

See you on Sunday,




DREAMGRIP CREATOR’s Image by Samsung Galaxy S7+, DREAMGRIP Evolution PRO & 2x Telephoto Lens