Calling on all dreamers, creators and visionaries—the future of digital filmmaking is here!


In the age of digital media, anyone can get behind the camera. It’s a powerful way for people to reach out, share, connect and capture their unique vision. Millions around the world have already formed vibrant communities of visual storytellers. And their numbers are growing.

What’s sparked this revolution? Smartphone technology.

The advances in cellphone picture quality, editing and production have been nothing short of astronomical. Film and photography are no longer the exclusive domains of professionals. At our fingertips, we all now have the power to be both consumer and creator.

At DREAMGRIP, we’re excited and energized by this trend. That’s why we created the DREAMGRIP EVOLUTION PRO universal camera rig: We wanted to drive digital innovation even further by raising the quality of filmmaking for everyone, no matter your level of experience.


With the DREAMGRIP™ EVOLUTION PRO, we’ve created the most advanced universal transformable rig for smartphones, DSLR and action cameras. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned filmmaker, you can now capture professional-quality videos.

Let’s embark on a tour of the DREAMGRIP™ EVOLUTION PRO:

Easy to use — Simply insert your smartphone in the holder and align its position to the optics cup using the two stainless steel precision bars. Fix external lights, microphones and other accessories onto the cold shoe tracks. With that, you’re ready to go! While filming, hold onto our ergonomic molded handgrips

Superb build quality — A sturdy construction features high-grade aluminum 37-52 mm hood, optics adaptor, lens cup and cold shoe tracks as well as stainless steel alignment bars. In all filming conditions, the DREAMGRIP™ EVOLUTION PRO is designed to last.

Universally adaptable — Compatible with any smartphone model, the DREAMGRIP™ EVOLUTION PRO can also carry an infinite combination of external lights, microphones, monitors and power banks. The patented Optics Adaptor features an aluminum lens cup with 17, 37 and 52 mm standard threads to connect your choice of lenses, hoods or even DOF adapter. In action, the rig can handheld, mounted on tripods or dollies or attached via suction cups to different surfaces. We’ve created a truly universal tool customizable to your filming needs.

Transportable — The DREAMGRIP™ EVOLUTION PRO is small, lightweight and compact, making it the perfect on-the-go equipment. It can be taken apart and reassembled in just minutes.

Affordable — We’ve kept the DREAMGRIP™ EVOLUTION PRO at an accessible price point for all levels of experience. After getting this basic setup, you then decide on how much to spend on additional accessories.

Beautiful design — We’re proud of our elegant and minimalist design fit for dreamers, creators and storytellers just like you.

Video and photography are powerful ways for people reach out, capture, connect and express themselves. Whoever you are — teenager, musician, journalist, filmmaker, vlogger, business owner or all-round creative — we’re here to unlock your creative potential.

Stay tuned for more sets, accessories and add-ons to your filming setup.

The DREAMGRIPEVOLUTION PRO  is just the start!