Congratulations to everyone who participated in the FOAP Photography Contest! The turnout was AMAZING, with FOAP receiving more than 25,000 photo from 5,000 photographers from countries all around the world. It is also with great pleasure to say that  the Winner was sponsored with DREAMGRIP Rig!

We know photos are worth a thousand words, so we’ll share with you the Winner photo made by Mohamed Ibrahim.

The photo was taken on top of the Catherine mountain, Saini, Egypt. It’s the highest mountain in Egypt with an elevation of 2,620 meters!

We want to thank everyone again for participating and hopefully these works will inspire the people for start shooting!

P.S. We have a ton of new products in the works, like our VISIO Sets and Still & Motion Box, plenty of extensions and much more! 🙂

Mohamed Ibrahim

“I’m still so happy and excited. I want to thank you for giving me such an opportunity and such a great reward!

It was a long journey climbing up there and we were in a hurry as we wanted to catch the sunrise from above there, we took a lot of photos, enjoyed the view and the whole experience, and this particular photo is about two guys who split of the group and climbed this other summit, I saw them with the sun behind a beautiful silhouette! So I took many shots of them and this was the best one to me.

It was a great journey that I would love to experience again but this time with a DREAMGRIP system so I can take more professional shots and videos that can easily fitted my phone – Sony Xperia Z1, edited by Snapseed application.